Who We Are

WR Fibers Inc.,as the international trading arm of Taison Group, is a comprehensive supply chain service provider, which was established in 2011 in the US. Taison Group, based in Shanghai, China, is a large comprehensive international group enterprise integrating forestry, pulp-making, plastic packaging, timber processing, real estate and trading.

Corporate Responsibilities

From developing bamboo plantations that provide sustenance to poor rural economies, to creating opportunities for the reutilization of recycled papers, plastics and metals, we place responsibility at the forefront of any business decision we make.

Quality Guaranteed

With 6 production lines, we can produce 72 million disposable face masks, 30 million KN95 face masks, and 300 million KN95 face mask pads each year.

What We Offer

Tissue Products

Tissue Products

With 6 pulping manufacturers and 10 tissue-making manufacturers, we are the world's largest bamboo tissue paper producer.

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Recycling Materials

metal scraps

A comprehensive supply chain service provider that has established a global procurement system for metal scraps and waste paper.

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As the coronavirus outbreak evolves quickly in the US, numbers of COVID-19 cases continue to rise. California, including the Greater Los Angeles area, has declared a state of emergency. Lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) for First Responders including frontline medical workers has become a top issue.

On May 1st, as a member of CGCC Foundation, WR. Fibers and Cycle Link (U.S.A) Inc. donated 2,500 disposable face masks to 20 Los Angeles County Alliance Boys & Girls Clubs, which are kept open for youth and families in need serving first responders and healthcare workers children.

With the coordination of the Chinese Consulate-General in Los Angeles and the big support from CGCC Foundation, currently, the Foundation has donated PPE to over 50 hospitals, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, including: N95 mask, surgical mask, medical protective clothing, medical gloves, medical protective eye goggles, disinfection supplies, etc. The total number of materials: 2,688,494pcs; The total value is approximately $2,134,624.

Consul General Zhang Ping, Chinese Consulate-General in Los Angeles praised the donation efforts from CGCC Foundation and CGCC-Los Angeles. Ambassador Nina Hachigian, the deputy mayor of Los Angeles, and the hospital representative extended sincere appreciation.

WR. Fibers is very concerned about the development of the epidemic. While ensuring the protection and health of our employees, we hope to do our utmost to help groups and individuals in need in the society. Let us help each other and fight the epidemic together!

(Jun 1, 2020)