Recycled Materials

Buying, Selling & Recycling.

We buy recyclable waste in order to recover and trade recyclable materials, letting us supply manufacturing with high-quality resources for new products and contribute to an efficient closed-loop economy.

Since 2011, we are delivering the best results to customers and suppliers of scrap metal, plastic and waste paper. And the kind of relationships built to last for the long run.

Our staff serve the entire United States, Europe and the Far East Markets, and participates in the industry's most important associations to keep abreast of the latest developments in the recycling business worldwide. Together we are working to keep the industry on track, and growing.

Scrap Plastic

LDPE Cotton Film
HDPE Natural
HDPE Regrind
PP supersacs
LDPE Pellets

Scrap Metal

Busheling Grade
HMS Grade
PNS Grade
Shredded Scrap 211 Grade

Recycled Paper

Mixed Paper
Mixed Paper

Our goal is to reach a balance between economic growth and social and environmental responsibility.